Back In Touch

Vital Connections

We are a group of individuals that share a common vision and ethical viewpoint. We have joined forces to promote our ethos under ‘Vital Connections’

Our aim is to assist individuals to reclaim their health, their vitality and their energy through our holistic approach to wellbeing.


Individually we are recognised as:-

Back in Touch
Sheila insje and Kath Sheehan
Bowen Therapy ClinicBased in Appley Bridge, Lancashire


Vital Spirit (Susan Ainscough)
starring:- Suryah Magda Ray/Francine Mitchell/Claire Everitt
Love DanSing is a refreshingly new concept focused on the combination of song and dance to achieve spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. We want to encourage healing through movement, music and feeling motivated


Apothecary Oils
Naomi Dickinson
Integrity & Purity
Handmade face, body and home products


Based at Cedar Farm Mawdsley