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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is safe and effective for people of all ages and addresses many diverse and varied conditions such as:

Back Pain
Ankle Pains
Knee Problems
Frozen Shoulders
Migraine Symptoms
Stress and Tension Discomfort
Hormone Imbalance
Bronchial Symptoms
Neck restrictions (inc whiplash)

Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists and lay people are among the many who use this treatment and who are continually amazed at the effectiveness of this simple and gentle form of ‘hands on’ therapy.

Bowen Therapy is a series of gentle moves across the tendons and muscles using the thumb and forefingers with a delicate pressure. The moves take the form of a roll, which disturbs the muscle, creating energy surges. A feature of the therapy is a series of 2-5 minute breaks in which no work is done and the patient is not touched. This gives the body the opportunity to respond to the information being given. There may be a feeling that not much is being achieved in the treatment. However time tells, and usually within the first week most cases respond significantly.

History of Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapy comes from Australia and was developed by a gentleman called Tom Bowen. He discovered later n life that he had an unusual gift of being able to intuitively diagnose peoples dis-ease. He had friends who were osteopaths and after watching them in action and the reaction to the therapies, he felt strongly that gentle manipulation   was the key to rectifying the bodies imbalances, and from this observation he developed his own very specific form of therapy.  He never explained how it worked but its results were dramatic.

His manoeuvres/movements have been documented by Oswald Rentch and his wife Elaine whilst working with and alongside Tom Bowen . This was the beginning of the teachings for many Bowen Therapists throughout Australia, Europe and Great Britain.

One does not have to be unwell to benefit from a Bowen treatment. It is an ideal way to help the body function in an optimum state of health and efficiency. It can also be used preventatively as in the case of sports people, to avoid pain or injury.