Back In Touch

Creating Time For Kids – Manifesto

No matter what theme is chosen, no matter whether the session is dynamic or artistic  THE ACTIVE  INGREDIENT THAT MAKES THE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE is the constant WEAVING and  MINDFULNESS to  …..


  • Our Teachers
  • Everyone’s Personal Space
  • Honesty (not cheating, or lying, or stealing)
  • Other People (not being rude or ill mannered)
    (taking 2 places when someone else does not have
    anywhere to sit)
  • Fairness (not being unjust)
  • Other’s feelings (not deliberately hurting and being unkind)
    (being aware of how words and actions can affect others)
  • Differences (not causing trouble because you do not like another young person)
  • Property (not to destroy or deface the belonging of others)

The consistent reinforcement of our aims can promote positive behaviour, self –esteem, and support young people to manage their emotions, solve conflicts and become a respectful member of our team.