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Seated Acupressure Treatment (Western Shiatsu)

This is a treatment aimed specifically at the neck, shoulders, arms, upper, middle and lower back. These areas can be greatly affected by stress, muscle fatigue, posture – or just general overwork.seated accupressure

Using a mixture of therapies including, Shiatsu, Sports and Connective Tissue Manipulation (and using a specially designed chair which enables the therapist to ‘work’ effectively on specific areas) the knots created through stress are eased and teased out. Usually it has an immediate warming and relaxing effect on the muscles.

In today’s society it is not unusual to suffer aches and pains due to injury, over-use, repetitive strain or by the pressure and stress of everyday life. It is only as the build-up causes pain and interferes with everyday activity that we take any notice. Fortunately, a Seated Acupressure Treatment can help and because of its effectiveness many existing clients return for the many benefits, which include: relaxation, revitalisation, stress relief and pain relief.