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Creating Time For Kids – Therapy

Relax Kids

Relax Kids is the UK’s leading expert in children’s relaxation aiming to help children feel calm and confident.
Relax Kids is a gentle and fun way of introducing children to the world of meditation and relaxation. This encourages them and helps them to become more confident, imaginative, positive and content.
A specialized approach specifically designed to help children manage their stress, anxiety and anger while promoting confidence, self-esteem and a peaceful sleep.

Peer Massage

The child to child (C2C) Peer Massage is a short daily massage routine for the hand or back,  head and shoulders, which helps to build up emotional resilience and ‘feel good’ factor in children. It is for all children and is done fully clothed with the child’s permission.
The program comprises a series of strokes that are taught through routines and games that are delivered in pairs or groups between young people.
In a world where touching is often seen as “not something that we do” or only “OK” if it is pushing, shoving and fighting, Peer Massage provides a different window on the world of relationships through touch. It is also good fun!

Art and Craft activities

At some point in their lives, young people may find themselves overwhelmed by the intensity of their emotions which are difficult to face either by themselves or with others. Art and craft activities offer an opportunity to explore these intense or painful thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment. It involves using a wide variety of art materials such as paints, fabrics and clay.  Art and craft activities can be an individual project but are often used very successfully in group situations.

Circle Time and Positive Playtimes (Jenny Mosely)

Jenny Mosely’s quality circle time model is a whole approach to setting up and maintaining a positive management system to;

  • Promote positive relationships
  • Create a caring and respectful ethos
  • Help children develop their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Nurture the creativity in all young people
  • Promote social and emotional development of all young people

One to one holistic therapies

Prescriptive use of therapies relevant to the young person’s needs at that time. Discussion with the young person would decide what this therapy would be.
This could include:-
Hand and foot massage
Seated acupressure treatment
Peer massage
Indian head massage