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Kath Sheehan and Sheila Insje

We are sisters with a passionate interest in holistic and complimentary therapies.   The body has an innate ability to heal itself and encouraging this and observing the positive outcomes has never ceased to amaze us

Though highly qualified in a wide range of therapies, we continue to study, research and attend workshops to stay updated and refreshed to practise our therapy and energetic healing work.

Our clinic is small and friendly, with a nurturing, caring atmosphere.  And we are deeply committed to treating our clients on an individual basis as our clients come in presenting problems and l symptoms, which are unique to them.

Allowing yourself the time to unwind physically, mentally and emotionally is healing.

Phone for an appointment and take the first step.

Telephone: 01257 251920
Back in Touch
271 Miles Lane,
Appley Bridge,
Wigan, Lancashire,

H.F.S.T.  I.I.H.H.T.,   I.C.H.T.,  N.V.Q Advanced., V.A.I.,  I.F.H.B., O.S.M.A.,  I.F.P.A;  Reiki Master;  SR School of BM